Shell Rimula R5 LM 10W-40

Shell Rimula R5 LM 10W-40

Shell Rimula R5 LM 10W-40

Synthetic technology for heavy machinery diesel engines

ShellRimula R5 LM was developed using the exclusive Low-SAPS technology developed in Shell, which provides full compatibility with modern systems for reducing exhaust toxicity. Active protection is supported by the use of a special technology of active additives and is enhanced by the use of synthetic base oils in the formulation of the product.

Thanks to this technology adapted to the operating conditions, it is possible to reduce the maintenance costs and harmful emissions into the atmosphere through the prolongation of the service life of the oil.

Field of application of ShellRimula R5 LM 10W-40 209L
Масло ShellRimula R5 LM was specially developed for various cargo and passenger transport with modern environmentally friendly engines of Mercedes-Benz and MAN brands, as well as those automakers whose engine requirements are based on the ACEA E6 specification. Particularly suitable for companies operating the fleet of cars with engines of Euro 4 and 5 standards.
ShellRimula R5 LM meets the requirements of most engine manufacturers of Euro 4.5 standards and the requirements of the industrial specification ACEA E6.

Advantages of ShellRimula R5 LM 10W-40 209L
Reduced maintenance costs
Much more cleaner engine

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