Shell Tellus S3 M 68

Shell Tellus S3 M 68

Shell Tellus S3 M 68

Industrial ashless hydraulic fluid of the highest quality

Highly effective hydraulic fluid created using an exclusive ashless package of antiwear and viscosity additives provides excellent protection and stable operation of hydraulic systems of industrial and mobile equipment (in some cases).

Resistant to high temperatures in the system and the effects of mechanical stress, prevents formation of deposits which can reduce the efficiency of the hydraulic system.
Application of ShellTellus S3 M 68
Industrial Hydraulic Systems
Hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions (eg high loads or temperatures) and systems requiring the use of liquids with extended service life (eg remote or hard-to-reach equipment)
Ship hydraulic systems and hydraulic systems of mobile equipment requiring the application of ISO HM hydraulic fluid

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