Shell Turbo T 32

Shell Turbo T 32

Shell Turbo T 32

Shell Turbo T 32 is mineral oil with antioxidant antiwear additives based on base oils of II group. It has extremely high demulsibility, low foaming, long service life. It is used for steam easily loaded, gas and hydraulic turbines, as well as control and transmission systems.

Power and industrial steam turbines: ShellTurbo T is used as lubricating oil for main shaft bearings, gears and as a working fluid in control systems. Other applications in the industry: ShellTurbo T can be used in other areas requiring high-quality oils with oxidative stability, demulsifying and anticorrosive properties: as a sealing oil in hydrogen refrigeration systems; to lubricate the auxiliary equipment of the turbine;
For lubricating turbochargers. 


For turbine systems

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