Shell Turbo S4 GX 32

Shell Turbo S4 GX 32

Shell Turbo S4 GX 32

ShellTurbo S4 GX 32 is produced on the basis of base oils obtained by gas-liquid conversion technology and meets the needs of the latest high-performance turbines. Due to unsurpassed continuous operation under the most severe conditions, the ShellTurbo S4 GX32 minimizes the formation of deposits and sludge even under conditions of cyclic peak loads. ShellTurbo S4 GX 32 has exceptional resistance to oxidation even under conditions of high thermal and oxidative loads. The excellent test results of ASTM dry TOST (determination of oxidative stability of turbine oils) and TOST lifetest (ASTM D943) show the high potential of the ShellTurbo S4 GX 32 to provide a long life service and reduce maintenance costs compared to traditional mineral oils.


  • Combined cycle turbines producing electric power. 
  • Industrial steam turbines. 
  • Industrial gas turbines

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