Shell Corena S2 R46

Shell Corena S2 R46

Shell Corena S2 R46

ShellCorena S2 R46 oil is intended for screw air compressors and has detergent properties. The oil provides good lubrication of the compressor parts, increasing the reliability and efficiency of its operation and reducing the likelihood of wear. Compressor protection is achieved at a discharge air temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 15 bar with an oil change time of 4000 hours. The use of ShellCorena S2 R46 extends the service life, thereby reducing operating costs. In addition, the oil provides resistance to the formation of carbon deposits in the rotating parts of the compressors and cleans the surface inside the plant; protects against wear of parts for the protection of internal equipment components.

SchellCorenaS2 R46 is used in air screw compressors and is suitable for oil-filled installations and oil-injected compressors. Compressors operate at an air temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 15 bar.


For screw air compressors

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