Shell Corena S2 P68

Shell Corena S2 P68

Shell Corena S2 P68

 ShellCorena S2 P68 is a high-quality compressor oil based on Shell base oils with the addition of unique components, which allowed to increase its performance characteristics to the level of synthetic oils. This oil is designed specifically for piston air compressors, including equipment that operates under constantly high pressure and high temperature of the pumping air (up to 220C).

       • High-pressure reciprocating compressors
       • Single-stage reciprocating compressors.

   ShellCorena S2 P68 is an excellent solution for compressors that continuously work for a long time or are operated at high loads. Protection from wear and corrosion, extended oil change interval (4000 hours or more) can reduce operating costs without reducing the efficiency of its operation.

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