Shell Mysella S 3N 40

Shell Mysella S 3N 40

Shell Mysella S 3N 40

ShellMysellaS 3N 40 is a high-quality oil for high-speed spark-ignition engines requiring use of low-ash oils. ShellMysella LA is designed for a new generation of stationary gas engines that meet the requirements of evolving environmental legislation that that limits the release of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere and requires the use of lean and clean combustion technology.


Gas engines with spark ignition, which use natural gas as fuel. It can also be used in engines working on high-sulfur gas, when low-ash oil is recommended for them.


  • Provides long and efficient operation of the engine;
  • Prevents increase in viscosity and formation of acid products, especially in harsh conditions, thereby increasing the life of the oil;
  • Optimized level of ‘ash’ components and alkalinity reserve;
  • Due to the phosphorus content not higher than 300 mg/kg, the oil can be successfully used in engines equipped with catalytic afterburning;

For gas engine

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