Shell Gadus S5 V100 2

Shell Gadus S5 V100 2

Shell Gadus S5 V100 2

High-tech multipurpose lubricant ShellGadus S5 V100 2 is widely used in industry, mainly in mechanical engineering, in bearings of electric motors. It is produced on the basis of synthetic oils, as a thickener in which complex lithium soap is added. The main ingredients of the lubricant are anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, antiwear and anti-tearing additives, and also a friction modifier, thanks to which the ShellGadus S5 V100 2 can be used in all types of high-speed rolling bearings.
Lubricant is used in rolling bearings operated at moderate and higher speeds working at low temperatures, in high-speed bearings, in cylindrical and tapered roller bearings of NJ, NUP types, in bearings with a corner ring. ShellGadus S5 V100 2 grease can be used throughout the year in bearings of electric motors, pumps and fans that are installed outdoors.
The grease has very low starting and rotating moments. With its use, the friction losses are significantly reduced, it ensures excellent operation of the mechanisms at very low temperatures (down to -50°C) and high (up to +150°C) temperatures. Such a wide temperature range is due to the good thermal and mechanical stability of the lubricant. The use of ShellGadus S5 V100 2 significantly increases the time between lubricant changes.

   Mechanical stability at 80°C/50 hours: ≤+50

   Operating temperature range (short-term), °C: -50/+150 (200)

   Penetration at 25°C, after mixing, 0.1 mm: 265-295

   Consistency in NLGI: 2


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