Shell Gadinia 40

Shell Gadinia 40

Shell Gadinia 40

ShellGadinia 40 is a high-quality multipurpose oil for high-loaded main and auxiliary medium-speed engines running on distillate fuel (up to 1% sulfur). It can also be used in auxiliary mechanisms that require oils of appropriate viscosity classes (reducers, turbochargers, oil-filled stern tubes and variable pitch screws), ship throne engines and small high-speed diesel engines of the fishing fleet with a small amount of oil in the crankcase.
Alkaline number 12mg KOH/g


  • High-speed, medium-speed trunk main and auxiliary ship engines.
  • Toothed transmissions, turbochargers, oil-lubricated stern tubes and adjustable pitch screws.
  • Deck machinery and other machinery and equipment requiring oils with a viscosity of SAE 40.

Purpose: For ship and deck machinery

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